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Alex’s Ugly Sauce

Alex’s Ugly Sauce

Alex’s Ugly Sauce

Alex’s Ugly Sauce uses the best locally-sourced ingredients we can find to make a better hot sauce; one that actually tastes good while still being as hot as you want your hot sauce to be. We have partnered with Massachusetts producers to grow our peppers and to responsibly harvest our honey, and you can taste the difference!

I started Alex’s Ugly Sauce because I wanted a better hot sauce than I could find on the selves in the stores, and I am proud to offer the results of that effort with you. From the late-breaking heat in our Cayano to the sweet finish of the Dragon, and from the whole-mouth heat of our Original to the burn of the Habanero that sneaks up on the middle of your tongue and just spreads from there, our four blends are each distinctive and tasty in their own way.

Alex’s Ugly Sauce is more than just hot sauce, it is good food, and you deserve to eat good food. So come try any or all of our sauces, and see what happens when you find the perfect balance of heat and flavor to complement the foods you eat, not overwhelm them.

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