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Chococoa Baking Company

Chococoa Baking Company

Chococoa Baking Company

Chococoa Baking Company is an artisanal baker of The Whoopie, a smaller triple chocolate version of the childhood treat, the whoopie pie. The Whoopie is made with all natural ingredients, including dessert-quality chocolate, local butter and free-range eggs. Ours fillings are made with fresh butter for the buttercream, so you are tasting the very best in flavors with no trans fat.
Chococoa Baking Company is the work of the combined talents of co-owners, Alan Mons and Julie Ganong.

Alan’s lifelong dream was to develop a snack food and he was inspired by two people; first his mother, Irene and the former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan.

“My mother was a great baker and always trying new recipes.” And by Mr. Greenspan who said that you do not need to develop a new product but rather improve an existing one. This was an inspiration to updating the whoopie pie to Chococoa’s version of, The Whoopie.
Alan has taken culinary courses throughout his career and has perfect timing, as Epicurious named the mini whoopie pie as their top dessert trend for 2010.

Julie, Chococoa’s co-owner, is a Maine native who grew up making whoopie pies with her grandmother and mother. The whoopie pie needed updating to a healthier, smaller version. The Whoopie, is made with premium chocolate and all natural ingredients. “It is the right size for a treat or dessert but you will not feel like you overindulged”, said Ganong.
Whoopie pies are a piece of Americana but also a piece of nostalgia that brings you back to fond childhood memories, especially for New Englanders,” Ganong says. “Now, they’re popular all over the country.

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