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Effie’s Homemade

Effie’s Homemade

Effie’s Homemade

Some things defy classification, and Effie’s Homemade treats are among them. Described alternatively as a biscuit, cookie or cracker, they have some of the characteristics of each – but not definitively so. Does it matter? Not to thousands of customers who have made them their biscuit, cookie, cracker of choice.

What makes Effie’s so appealing is their unique balance of sweet and savory flavors, rich texture, and over-the-top homemade taste. All natural and made of quality ingredients, they are wholesome, satisfying and versatile. They pair well with cheese and jams, a cup of coffee or tea, or even a glass of wine.

Effie’s Homemade is for the people who love real food and crave homemade taste.

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