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Green Mountain Mustard

Green Mountain Mustard

Green Mountain Mustard

Green Mountain Mustard is a family-run business from Richmond, VT – owned by Michael, Jeanne, and Ed Adams. Ed, who holds a PhD in Materials Science, worked with Ginger, the keeper of this incredible mustard recipe. As with any great recipe, you ask for it. We received the mustard recipe from Ginger and started making it at home, on our stove top, one jar at a time. Michael, Ed’s son and the Director of All that Happens at Green Mountain Mustard, ate the mustard with a spoon – it was that good. But, then the tweaking began. We knew we could make it better. After a few months of tweaking, the perfect mustard was here: rich, creamy, and down-right delicious.

We were selling energy bars at a farmer’s market the next town over and noticed that no one was selling mustard – or any condiment for that matter. We whipped up nine jars of our original Sweet-Hot Mustard and brought it to the market the next weekend. It sold out in 30 minutes. The next weekend we brought 24 jars and sold out in just over an hour. The process repeated throughout the summer. We knew we were on to something.

Now, we’ve created all kinds of mustard – from sweet potato to deli dirt and barn burner – come taste mustard like you never knew it before.

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