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Vine & Brown

Based in historic Amesbury, MA at the junction of the Merrimack River and Atlantic Ocean, Vine and Brown creates delicious condiments and culinary temptations designed for today’s table … a table where adventurous and conservative eaters can sit side by side and get just the amount of spice, sizzle, and “pop” they want.

It all began three years ago when we introduced Seacoast Butters. As the word spread, so did our curiosity about other boldly flavored culinary temptations. In the Summer of 2013, we added several new items to our pantry, including our custom-crafted fresh fruit Shrubs (a.k.a. “drinking vinegars”) — a colonial tradition revived for today’s table — and our own variations on the popular Middle Eastern roasted nut and spice blend known as Dukka. All of these products are gluten-free.

Vine and Brown is spearheaded by Tracey Brown, the originator of Seacoast Butters, and writer/designer/webmaster Kate Broughton. Tracey and Kate are both unabashedly curious cooks with a passion for international flavors, fresh ingredients, and culinary versatility. We’re also partial to creating products which provide a lighter or healthier alternative to the indulgences all foodies crave.

You’ll find Vine and Brown products at our online store, and at a growing number of select restaurants and specialty retail/food stores. There’s always something new brewing or stewing in our test kitchens, and we welcome fans and customers to participate in the creative process by suggesting new flavors, recipes, or uses for our products.

Vine and Brown Culinary Temptations
Locally made … a world of flavor.

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