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Amy Traverso

Amy Traverso

Amy Traverso

Amy Traverso is the senior lifestyle editor at Yankee magazine. Previously, she was food editor at Boston magazine and an associate food editor at Sunset magazine. Her work has also been published in The Boston Globe,, and Travel & Leisure, and she has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, Throwdown with Bobby Flay, and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The Apple Lover’s Cookbook was a finalist for the Julia Child Award for best first-time author and won an IACP Cookbook Award in the “American” category.

Yankee’s Lost and Vintage Recipes

lost-and-vintage-recipesNew Englanders know their heirlooms—clocks, quilts, vegetables,and more. Now Yankee Magazine rediscovers and updates their most delectable classic recipes, like Chicken and Dumplings, Roquefort Biscuits, Red Flannel Hash, Corn Pudding, and Chocolate Potato Cake, for today’s home cooks who appreciate a great heirloom when they see one. Starters and soups, sides and meats and fish, breads and desserts, and more have been retested and updated for today’s cooks and today’s palates. To enhance the fun, retro sidebars feature excerpts from the magazine dating back to the 1930s, and you’ll find the stories and histories behind many of the recipes as well.

Reviews for Yankee’s Lost and Vintage Recipes

“There are gustatory treasures in abundance in this book. For any home cook interested in the culinary history of New England, this volume is absolutely indispensable. Indulge in a little exploration, and you’ll find yourself cooking dishes your grandmother would envy.” Eric Stanway, Nashua Telegraph

“Yankee Magazine food editor Amy Traverso poured through the archives going back many decades, in search of the best vintage recipes from readers. When I spotted [the] recipe for brown paper bag meatloaf, I knew we had to try it. And why drag out the suspense? We loved it!” Faith Middleton, WNPR

The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

The Apple Lover's CookbookThe most complete cookbook for enjoying and cooking with apples. Winner of an IACP “Best Cookbook” award in 2012!

The Apple Lover’s Cookbook celebrates the beauty of apples in all their delicious variety, taking you from the orchard to the kitchen with recipes both sweet (like Apple-Stuffed Biscuit Buns and Blue Ribbon Deep-Dish Apple Pie) and savory (like Cider-Brined Turkey and Apple Squash Gratin). It offers a full-color guide to fifty-nine apple varieties, with descriptions of their flavor, history, and, most important, how to use them in the kitchen. Amy Traverso also takes you around the country to meet farmers, cider makers, and apple enthusiasts.

The one hundred recipes run the spectrum from cozy crisps and cobblers to adventurous fare like Cider-Braised Brisket or Apple-Gingersnap Ice Cream. In addition, Amy organizes apple varieties into cooking categories so that it’s easy to choose the right fruit for any recipe. You’ll know to use tart Northern Spy in your pies and Fuji in delicate cakes. The Apple Lover’s Cookbook is the ultimate apple companion. 110 four-color illustrations

Reviews for The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

“This is a solid compendium that is as satisfying and reliable as its namesake fruit.”-Publisher’s Weekly: ”

“The handsome “Apple Lover’s Cookbook” [covers] 59 kinds of apples…the challah baked with diced apples…falls into the category of “Why didn’t I think of that?””-The New York Times

“After almost five years of researching, developing and testing recipes food writer Amy Traverso knows her apples. …The result is The Apple Lover’s Cookbook, a 300-page near-encyclopedia about the fruit that surely holds a special place in the American psyche.” (Ros Krasny – Reuters )

“From savory to sweet, these recipes span gamut and show just how versatile the apple is. With The Apple Lover’s Cookbook, Traverso has written an indispensible book that does what all cookbooks should: shed light and inspire.” (Esther Sung – Epicurious )

“…an extensive primer on apple varieties, from Ambrosia to Zabergau Reinette. …For each, Traverso gives its category (‘tender-sweet’, ‘firm-tart’ etc.), best use, origin, availability, season, appearance, taste and texture. As if reading that didn’t already make you an expert, the book has notes on how to tell if the fruit is fresh and how to peel one like a pro. Can’t do it in one fell swoop like Grandma? Traverso has a section on the best tools of the trade, too.” (Julia Bainbridge – Bon Appetit )

“The handsome Apple Lover’s Cookbook has a section covering 59 kinds of apples with a description and color portrait of each. …The heart of the book gives savory and sweet recipes, including an adaptation of Michael Field’s chicken liver pâté with apple. And the challah baked with diced apples and raisins falls into the category of ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’” (Florence Fabricant – New York Times )

“How many apple varieties can you name off the top of your head? Six? Ten? Traverso lays out a guide to 59 apples… If she were to stop there, fine. But she also weaves in stories of apple farmers who’ve garnered a following by what and how they’re growing, and a meeting with a researcher at Cornell University’s famed apple breeding program who might make you think differently about genetically engineered apples. She offers storage tips, crust-making tips, apple sizes and equivalent measurements, a source guide to apple products and cider tasting notes.” (Janet Rausa Fuller – Chicago Sun-Times )

“Traverso provides a compelling history of the apple throughout civilization and a short overview on apple genetics before launching into a detailed primer of 56 different varieties. …In sum total, this is a solid compendium that is as satisfying and reliable as its namesake fruit.” (Publishers Weekly )

“When I said I wish there were a book like this for every single fruit and vegetable, I meant it. The Apple Lover’s Cookbook is one resource you’ll keep coming back to for years – both for its appealing, timeless recipes and for its invaluable, exclusive apple information.” (Pam Anderson – Christian Science Monitor )

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