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Hillary Davis

Hillary Davis

Hillary Davis

Cuisine Nicoise: Sun-kissed Cooking from the French RivieraFood journalist, cooking instructor, and writer and creator of the popular food blog, Marché Dimanche, Hillary Davis is a long time food columnist and restaurant critic for New Hampshire Magazine and her work has been featured in Connecticut Home Living, Hartford Magazine, Tastes of New England, CelebrationNH,,, and other regional, national, and international publications. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Bloomberg Business News, B Sky B Television News in London, CNBC, BBC radio, WMUR-TV, WBK-Radio, and other local stations in the U.S. She is the author of the critically acclaimed book, A Million A Minute, and has been a food and travel lecturer on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise lines. As a food authority, she is a frequent judge of cooking competitions and a speaker at food and blogging events. She is the
Hillary lived in the village of Bar-sur-Loup, near Nice, for over 11 years and presently lives in New Hampshire where she cooks, develops and tests recipes, and writes. She is the author of Cuisine Niçoise: Sun-Kissed Cooking From the French Riviera and she is at work on her second cookbook about French family cooking. She earned a degree in Economics from Columbia University and a graduate degree in International Relations from Cambridge University.

Book Description

From easy weeknight meals to more elaborate Sunday dinners, learn the recipes and cooking style from the “other” French cuisine—the one that forms the foundation of the Mediterranean diet and celebrates local, fresh and light. Cuisine Niçoise is designed with olive oil, rather than butter and cream; is light, rather than bathed in rich sauces. And it uses fresh, locally sourced produce.

Filled with information, tips, stories and recipes—is a complete guide with over 100 recipes and gorgeous color photographs, and includes:

  • Sidebars about ingredients, culture and shopping.
  • Additional recipes from three cutting-edge Niçoise chefs.
  • A section on typical Niçoise ingredients.
  • Contact information on restaurants and the hours of open-air markets.
  • Recipes include:

    • Creamless Creamy Chickpea and Sage Soup
    • Naked Meatballs
    • Mini Pan Bagnat
    • Candied Olive Polenta with Tomato Salad
    • Traditional Salade Niçoise
    • Savory Rice Pudding with Spinach and Parmesan
    • Pistou Tomato Tart in a Basil Crust
    • Salmon with Summer Vegetables and White Wine Sabayon
    • Limoncello Cake with Towering Meringue
    • Peach and Raspberry Salad with Dark Chocolate Sorbet
    • Madame’s Peaches and Cream Tart


    “Bright colors, sun-splashed days, fun, sybaritic pleasures–Hillary Davis captures on the plate everything delightful we associate with Nice. This food is extraordinarily fresh, delicious, and a feast for the eye as well. What a joy to be able to bring the good life into your own kitchen!” — Frances Mayes, best-selling author, Under The Tuscan Sun, The Tuscan Sun Cookbook

    “I am impressed! Hillary Davis has a unique perspective on cooking for which she makes a persuasive case in her new book. She believes that we learn how to cook not just from books but also from family, friends, restaurants, markets, and even from the dishes our food is served upon and the pots in which it’s cooked.” — Paula Wolfert, best-selling author, The Cooking of Southwest France, The Food of Morocco

    “With this ode to Niçoise cooking, put together lovingly by Hillary Davis, you will bathe in the aromas of the Niçoise countryside, from the warm pungency of wild herbs, to the sweet, fresh melons and peaches at farmers’ markets dotted throughout the countryside. Ms. Davis fell in love with the hilltop village of Bar-Sur-Loup, where she lived, cooked, ate and absorbed all that was around her. In Cuisine Niçoise she has made liberal use of everything she experienced and tasted; she has filled the book with tips and traditions; she has opened up a sun-kissed world for all to share. All of it will make you want to hop on an airplane and land in the center of the Niçoise countryside, at a table set for lunch! Photos by Steven Rothfeld make the book come alive with color. Bravo!” —-Susan Herrmann Loomis, author of On Rue Tatin

    “I think this book might just be the next best thing to living on the French Riviera! It is more than just a beautiful book filled with glorious tales and remarkable recipes. It is a love story of food, tradition and culture.”—Monica Bhide, author Modern Spice: Inspired Indian Flavors for the Contemporary Kitchen

    “Her recipes are simple and appealing, evidence of her love for the food and customs of this very special place.” — Michele Scicolone, best-selling author The Mediterranean Slow Cooker, The French Slow Cooker, The Italian Slow Cooker, 1000 Italian Recipes

    “It’s a lovely book full of vivid details about daily life in that beautiful corner of the world. And the recipes are calling me to the kitchen with their fresh, vibrant style: Polenta and Tomato Salad (Niçoise cooking is heavily influenced by its proximity to Italy), Late-August Double Fig Salad, Swiss Chard Gnocchi, Caramelized Pork Roast with Olive Jam.”
    Amy Traverso, Senior Lifestyle Editor, Yankee Magazine

    “Davis’ recipes, based on 11 years of living and cooking on the French Riviera, are accompanied by Steven Rothfeld’s beautiful photos of colorful French villas, seaside cafes, and, of course, the dishes themselves. The book is a pleasure to flip through sitting at a kitchen table with a cup of tea, and maybe even a warm slice of Madame’s peaches and cream tart.” — Laura Edwins,

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